Photography, Image (re) building and Architecture


Architecture is like life itself. It’s the whole idea. Ideally, I think a structure should have joy, repose and all those other tangibles. Disappearing spaces, too. When you get everything together, it’s really something.

Few architects really understand architecture. To be a whole architect, you have to be everything. I am part psychiatrist, part metaphysician. Architects have great imagination and creative ability, but we get scared. I have been scared, too, by the contractors, the bankers. Some architects have been backed to the wall and become businessmen. And, in becoming businessmen, they’ve lost the art of architecture.

Wanting to build is almost an instinct. I believe a lot of people want an environment of their own. Architecture is an extension of the environment and the individual. Few people really enjoy standardization. There are those who way they like to live in an apartment because they don’t want to be bothered cutting the lawn, but I think if you pinned them down they’d prefer to have their own homes. Like animals. Cats and dogs find a corner they like and it’s kind of natural. I think what we’re doing is unnatural. That’s the whole trouble with the country, too unnatural.

John Lautner

“The Architect’s Perspective.”
Architectural Digest 28, August 1971